TanStack Router – A Routing Library for TypeScript Applications

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A fully typesafe router with first-class search-param APIs and built-in caching, built for JS/TS, React, Preact, Solid, Vue and Svelte.

If you’re a fan of TypeScript, you’ll be excited to hear about TanStack Router, a fully type-safe routing library for TypeScript applications.

Potential advantages of using TanStack Router:

  • Type safety for routes.
  • Autocomplete suggestions for routes.
  • First-class search parameter support: useful for storing state in a URL and sharing links.
  • Improved reliability by ensuring that routes are correctly defined and used.

Problem with routing §

One of the challenges with routing in any language is that routes are often defined in one place (e.g. a config file or a page-based system like React Router) and used in another (e.g. links in pages, redirects). This means that if you change a route in one place, you have to manually update it in all the other places where it’s used. This can lead to bugs and broken routing if you miss a change or misspell a route.

Type-safety to the recue! §

TanStack Router aims to solve this problem by providing type safety for routes. This means that the router is aware of all the different routes in your application, and it can give you autocomplete suggestions and flag errors if you misspell or use incorrect information for a route. This makes writing routes much easier and helps prevent issues with broken routing.

Support for Search Parameters §

TanStack Router also has first-class support for search parameters, which can be used to store state in a URL and share links. This can be particularly useful if you prefer to use search params over state variables for storing application state.

Other Features §

  • 100% Typesafe
  • Built-in Caching
  • 1st-class Search Param APIs
  • Nested/Layout Routes
  • Lightweight (10kb)
  • Parallel Route Loaders
  • Route Actions
  • and more…

Conclusion §

While TanStack Router is still in beta, it shows a lot of promise for improving the routing process in TypeScript applications. If you’re interested in giving it a try, be aware that there are currently some missing features and documentation, and the syntax is subject to change. However, the 100% TypeScript support and type safety make it worth keeping an eye on as it continues to develop.

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